Ryan Dudek


I’m Ryan Dudek, a software engineer based out of Ithaca, New York. I love building accessible user experiences using design systems to ensure reusability and to scale quickly, efficiently, and consistently.

Currently, I am a Senior Software Engineer (aka Vice President of Keeping it Awesome) on the Design System and Accessibility team at Mural. If you are interested in learning more about me, check out my resume. When I am not online, I enjoy the great outdoors, coffee, art, photography, cooking, baking, reading, and being active. Ask me about my many fake business ventures that are run by my pseudonym - Randy Duke.

So long, and thanks for all the fish,

A photo of Ryan drinking a cup of coffee

Professional Experience

  • Mural

    January 2021 - Present (www.mural.co)
    Senior Software Engineer (January 2021 - Present)
    Collaborated with designers and engineers to build a robust design system. Set up an extensible testing framework that can additionally be used by other teams to run HTML validation tests, automated accessibility scans, and visual regression tests in addition to the standard functional tests. Assisted other teams with design system integration into the Mural product. Incorporated feedback from users, designers, and engineers to ensure our design system is accessible, usable, and developer friendly. Set up a true CI/CD pipeline, including publishing design system packages on merge.

  • EY Design Studio PHL (formerly Intuitive Company)

    July 2015 - January 2021 (studio.ey.com)
    UX Tech Lead (October 2017 - January 2021)
    Senior UX Developer (July 2015 - September 2017)
    Collaborated in multi-disciplinary teams to design, create, and develop usable and accessible web and mobile applications. Led development on and launched an in-house research application to deliver research to clients in a usable, beautiful, and dynamic way. Assisted in usability research efforts. Trained coworkers from a variety of disciplines how to test for and understand accessibility. Built internal applications and assisted in the creation of internal processes. Promoted the company and our work through presentations and meetups.

  • EPAM Systems (formerly Empathy Lab)

    April 2010 - June 2015 (www.epam.com)
    Senior Software Engineer (March 2014 - June 2015)
    Front End Web Developer (April 2010 - March 2014)
    Collaborated with coworkers across disciplines to produce web applications for an assortment of clients across multiple business units. Provided solutions to user experience and interface design departments. Rapidly built prototypes for sales pitches and for client presentations. Provided solutions for accessible and multi-lingual issues in designs. Assisted in the development of a Responsive Web Design workflow across departments. Led and participated in technical book discussion groups.

  • Home Front Communications

    July 2007 - March 2010 (www.homefrontdc.com)
    Front End Web Developer
    Used semantic HTML and CSS to lay out web designs. Built and maintained Drupal content management systems for clients. Added site functionality with jQuery.

  • Screenmatter

    April 2007 - June 2007 (www.screenmatter.com)
    Freelance Front End Developer
    Created semantic XHTML and ASP.NET markup. Worked within guidelines of excellent search engine optimization. Used strict CSS to lay out web designs.

  • US News & World Report

    July 2006 - March 2007 (www.usnews.com)
    Associate Producer - New Media
    Generated HTML for news stories. Posted content to website, compressed video and audio for streaming. Recorded, edited, and mastered audio.